ATLANTIS SKINCARE is brought to you by The UK Skincare Company

So, whats inside??

From Argan oil to vanilla extract, and everything in between, all of the ingredients that go into the Atlantis Skincare range are sourced sustainably, in line with our strong and ongoing commitment to the use of ethical processes. This enables us to have complete peace of mind that we’re offering our customers a truly authentic seed-to-skin experience; no damaging machinery, no harmful chemicals… just 100% responsible skincare that adds a sense of luxury to your everyday while always being entirely effective.

All of the suppliers we work with to source our range of natural, skin-boosting ingredients are carefully hand-selected by the Atlantis Skincare team. We work exclusively with small farms, family-run businesses and other fantastic organisations that enable us to directly support local communities around the world.

When you add Atlantis Skincare products to your daily self-care routine, you can be sure that the workers providing the sweet almond oil in your eye cream, or the nettle leaf in your night cream, are paid fairly and are provided with the resources they need to grow, develop and support themselves.

Every farm and business that we partner with has shown a strong commitment to sustainable harvesting, supports our dedication to sustainability and shares the important values that we believe in at Atlantis Skincare. In working only with those who harvest their raw materials using sustainable methods, we can be sure that all of our products are bursting with natural, beneficial ingredients that not only fit in with our way of life, but also make it easy for our customers to enjoy natural, healthy, happy lifestyles too.

Whether you choose our Two Part Face Mask with ginseng, our Glowing Skin Toner with cucumber extract, our Velvet Skin Night Elixir with avocado oil, or any one of our other 100% natural products, we offer complete peace of mind that everything that goes into your handcrafted, small batch Atlantis Skincare products is sustainably sourced, sustainably harvested, and sustainably made for simple, uncomplicated, natural skincare solutions.

Legend says Atlantis was a land of goddesses and fertility, where nature grew in abundance, nourished by fertile soils and nurtured by sustainable farms. The people of Atlantis were bastions of Mother Earth, protectors of the natural balance, at one with the land and its eternal power.

Said to have been banished to the depths of the ocean by higher powers in vengeance for their immortality, the people of Atlantis used crystals for healing.